Weekly Roundup for July Eleventh / something worthwhile to lose

This week’s Monday Morning Tape…

…Kentucky folk, British pop-rock, weirdo indie rock, and some quality finger-picking with downer lyrics.

This site is now a little over two years old and has been viewed in 103 countries… and they can’t all have been by accident, right?

So thanks for stopping by, wherever you are.

Happy Monday.

Tyler Childers – A Song While You’re Away / 22nd Winter / Fake Bouquet

Tyler Childers is a country-folk singer from Paintsville, Kentucky.

In short, he’s just about the closest thing in modern music you’ll find to Johnny Cash and Jim Croce and John Prine and all those other classic songwriters of years gone past.  There’s a timeless quality to his songwriting and delivery that’s earnest and honest and just overall fantastic.

Tyler Childers is going to release one heck of a debut record one of these days — stay tuned….


The Lower 48 – Threw it Away / Hot Fool / I Think You Got It

Jingly, jangly, catchy pop-rock from Portland x 3.

Preview and purchase more stuff here.

Ezra Furman – Teddy I’m Ready

Chicago’s favorite up-and-coming indie rock weirdo will follow-up one of the best records of 2015 with a new EP later this year.

Look for Big Fugitive Life in August.

Jake Houlsby – Sabinal

And finally, here’s some quality folk music from the UK.

Preview and purchase Mr. Houlsby’s newest single here.

RIYL: finger-picking, minor chords, good music, fish & chips

Until next week, cheers…..

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