Weekly Roundup for November Twentieth / shut your mouth and play some Springsteen

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . singer-songwriters, old fashioned rock n’ roll, some country folk, a tear jerker, and other quality stuff.

Happy Monday.


Lewis Watson – When the Water Meets the Mountains

The quiet, thoughtful, great acoustic song below is on Mr. Watson’s album midnight, which is out now.

Lack of capitalization due to artistic choice, not editorial sloppiness 😉


Jeffrey Martin – Billy Burroughs (live)

Another helping of acoustic goodness.

Preview and purchase One Go Around right here.


The Oh Hellos – Torches

Tyler and Maggie Heath have four new EPs due in the coming months, and a fantastic single to start it all off.


Josh Ritter – Oh Lord (Part 3)

No word on whether Parts 1 and/or 2 exist, but Oh Lord Part 3 is a hand-clappy slice of greatness.

Gathering is out now.


Evan Bartels – Widow

Mr. Bartels has a quality leadoff track on an ambitious, outstanding debut record.


The Deep Dark Woods – Fallen Leaves

DDW are one of Canada’s finest bands.

Their newest album, Yarrow, is well worth a listen.


JD McPherson – Crying’s Just a Thing You Do

This song appears to be about a significant other, but those of you with small children might be able to relate as well.


Phoebe Bridgers – Funeral

This one, like most things Ms. Bridgers writes, is just lovely.


Tyler Childers – Bus Route (live in Nashville)

Tyler’s first album is one of the best records of the year.

And based on the songs floating around that didn’t make the album (like the one below and this one), his second record should be quite good too.


Until next week, cheers.

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