Weekly Roundup for September Eighteenth / take a little time and make up your mind

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . great acoustic folk of both the upbeat and the sad bastard variety, some moody indie rock, and a newcomer’s soulful treatment of a CDB classic.


Elliott Brood – Dig a Little Hole

“Dig a Little Hole” combines a jaunty, hand-clappy melody with a heaping lyrical teaspoon of alcoholism, infidelity, and murder.

Good times, all around.

Ghost Gardens is only three days old, but it’s already ready to be your favorite album of the month.


Benjamin Tod – Using Again / I Will Rise

A little something dark and depressing, followed by a little something resolute and hopeful.

Mr. Tod’s as-yet-untitled debut collection of solo songs is due out later this fall.

More to come…



Simon Alexander – White Light

This one might make you want to chuck your cell phone in the nearest river and go live in the forest for awhile.

But that’s probably not a bad thing.

Check out more here.


Tyler Childers – Trudy (Charlie Daniels Band cover)

Mr. Childers is one of eastern Kentucky’s best modern musical exports.

When he’s not busy releasing one of the greatest and best records of the year, he’s covering classic artists like the CDB.


Until next week, cheers.


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