Weekly Roundup for August Seventh / when the roots of the oak and my ribcage are braidin’

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . country-folk, indie rock, traditional rock, weird rock, and a throwback from Chris Bell.

Happy Monday.


Tyler Childers – Purgatory

You can now purchase one of the best records of the year right here.

This is down-home, front porch, stomp-n-holler music of the highest order.


This is the Kit – Hotter Colder

Here’s a spooky, hypnotic little earworm, brought to you by Kate Stables.

Her newest album, Moonshine Freeze, is out now.


The Americans – The Right Stuff

Let’s do some catchy, driving rock from Los Angeles.

This song sounds a bit like the Walkmen covering Bruce Springsteen.  And we should all agree that’s a very good thing.


Small Leaks Sink Ships – Dancing Devil

This is weird and jittery and trippy and great.


Rock City – I Think It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Looking Forward: the Roots of Big Star is 18 tracks of rollicking, rock goodness that you need in your life.


Until next week, cheers.


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