Weekly Roundup for July Eighteenth / straight up that incline, i ran towards the blue

This week’s Monday Morning Tape….

..,. we’ll start in the Blue Mountains, then head over to Sweden, maybe stop by New Zealand for a minute, and finish back in the U.S. on the outskirts of Chicago.

It’s good to see you again — Happy Monday!

Julia Jacklin – Leadlight

Bluesy, sultry goodness from Ms. Jacklin to start things off.

Don’t Let the Kids Win is due on 10/6.

Flora Cash – Down on Your Knees

Folk music of the haunting and spooky and sad variety, care of Sweden.

Can Summer Love Last Forever? is out now.  (Based on the song, the answer to that question is a resounding oh hell no.)

Streets of Laredo – Devil and the Sea

Two songs of irrepressible sadness are enough — let’s get a little hazy and happy(ish).

No word on a new album from these folks yet, but this single sure sounds promising.

Chicago Farmer – The Twenty Dollar Bill / Backseat

Good folk songs are the blue jeans of music: reliable, timeless, never particularly “cool”, but always around.  Two timeless-sounding folk songs that are not particularly cool are below.  The first one is over five minutes long, but stick around for the end of the story he’s singing…

Chicago Farmer is the stage name of singer-songwriter Cody Diekhoff.  There’s a new album coming this fall, but for the time being you can check out his excellent 2013 album, Backenforth, IL.

Until next week, cheers….


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