Weekly Roundup for June Twenty-Seventh / your latest acts of mindless violence

A handful of tunes to start the week, plus a new summer mix.

Happy Monday to you and yours.

Savage Mansion – Elwood

Fuzzy, catchy lo-fi rock of the highest caliber here, care of Glasgow, Scotland.

No album news yet — these fellas are new, but stay tuned….

RIYL: despondency, Pinkerton, good music

Con Brio – Sundown (live @ Audiotree)

Con Brio is a funk/R&B band from San Francisco.

Their debut record, Paradise, is due out July 15th.

As a heads up for any midwest US folks, these guys will be in Indianapolis this Wednesday at the Rathskeller — gargantuan german beers and good-time funk, together at last.

RIYL: Stevie Wonder, MJ, good music, sideways headbobs, joy

Keaton Henson – Alright

With approximately half of the UK mourning their recent secession from the EU, some good ol’ sad stuff from a British songwriter seems appropriate.

Recommended by the fine folks over at GoldFlakePaint.

The Felice Brothers – Life in the Dark

Here’s a great way to spend your next 38 minutes: get a beverage and hit play.

The Felice Brothers played a large part in kickstarting the whole country-folk revival thing with their seminal self-titled record back in 2008, and they’ve been releasing great americana albums — nine of them now and counting — ever since.

Both the album and the accompanying long-form video are messy and ramshackle and a bit strange.  They’re also very, very good.

Buy this record.

Until next week, cheers…….

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