MMT Summer 2016

On the mix below, you’ll hear songs about forestation (#6), cool water (#4), the alluring nature of our more base tendencies (#8), positive nationalism (#10), patience (#11), and potentially active volcanoes (#1).

They’re almost entirely new, except for a couple songs that are a few years old (#12, #16), and one song that’s 24 years old (#17).

This download link will be available for a limited time.

As always, if you find something you like, please support the artists and buy their stuff, see their shows, and help spread the good word about them.


  1. Huckleberry – Shasta
  2. Wilderado – Morning Light
  3. Astronauts – You Can Turn It Off
  4. Animal Daydream – Citrus
  5. Portage – Hold On
  6. Blind Pilot – Umpqua Rushing
  7. The Felice Brothers – Plunder
  8. The Avett Brothers – Satan Pulls the Strings
  9. Sturgill Simpson – Sea Stories
  10. Nations of the Soul – Dancing Spirit
  11. Me Like Bees – There Will Be Time
  12. The Wooden Sky – North Dakota
  13. Brian Fallon – Nobody Wins
  14. Kyle Craft – Future Midcity Massacre
  15. Ethan Burns – Homeward
  16. The Moondoggies – Bogchiel Rain Blues
  17. Blind Melon – Change
  18. Foy Vance – Ziggy Looked Me in the Eye


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