Weekly Roundup for June Twentieth / we’ve got our heads to feed

No time for chit-chat — let’s listen to stuff.

Wilderado – Wheat

Let’s start with one from a promising new band formerly known as Bird Dog, now known as promising new band Wilderado.

Their second EP, Latigo, is due out July 22nd.

Portage – Settle Down

Electric guitar strumming, bouncy piano playing, a few oh-whoa’s, and some handclaps.

It’s not rocket science, folks, but it’s good stuff.

Ariela Jacobs – Sandman

Well this is just lovely.

Yesteryear is out now.

Will Joseph Cook – Take Me Dancing

British pop music, of the impossibly catchy variety.

The Avett Brothers – Satan Pulls the Strings

So this new Avett record is gonna be a bit polarizing.

Until next week, cheers…


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