Weekly Roundup for June Thirteenth / send for my fiddle, send for my dog

This week… country rock from New York, a bit of Australian soul, some southern americana, and two promising new singer-songwriters.

The Felice Brothers – Plunder

The second single from the forthcoming Felice Brothers record is a loose, raucous romp of a song.  The band described the video as “a psychedelic trip down the cartoon rabbit hole.”

Life in the Dark is due out June 24th.

Cooking on Three Burners – This Girl

Great soul music from down under — like Chaka Khan, but with bigger spiders.

Anders Osborne – Lafayette / Life Don’t Last That Long

One great driving song, one great quiet and pensive song — Mr. Osborne’s new album, Space Dust & Ocean Views is out now.

Marie Danielle – Soldier (feat. The Felice Brothers)

Just some folksy americana goodness right here.

Ms. Danielle’s debut album, Hustler, is out now.

Max Jury – Great American Novel

So that self-titled debut record that came out a couple weeks ago?  It’s really, really good.

RIYL: Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams, good music, all things sad and/or bastard

Until next week, cheers…

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