Weekly Roundup for June Sixth / i bought a trash heap two seat, what did we know

This week’s Monday Morning Tape… sunny rock, soulful rock, and more musical goodness.

Happy Monday, folks!

Whitney – No Matter Where We Go

Any time the guys over at Music Savage and the guy over at Songs for the Day and the guys over at MOKB are all excited about the same new song, there’s a good chance it’s worth a listen.

And so it goes here.

This one is worth many listens, especially if it happens to be hot and sunny outside, or if you happen to be near a large body of water.

Ethan Burns – Homeward

Here’s some quality retro-soul care of Californian singer-songwriter Ethan Burns.

There’s no album on the radar yet — this is his first single.

1 for 1 though, this fella.

Nico Yaryan – Just Tell Me / You Belong to Me

Let’s go ahead and do soulful handclappy goodness take two and take three, this time a little more lo-fi.

Mr. Yaryan’s new record, What a Tease, was just released three days ago.  Check it out.

Foy Vance – She Burns / Upbeat Feelgood (live Mahogany session)

Yep, this new album from Mr. Vance is still very good.

Finally, you can click here to check out the first single from Blind Pilot’s forthcoming album, And Then Like Lions, due out 8/12.

Until next week, cheers.


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