Weekly Roundup for May Twenty-Third / it’s hard work but it will be worth it

This week, let’s check out some  Irish folk rock, some Chicago indie rock, and a little Blue Ridge roots music.

Foy Vance – Ziggy Looked Me in the Eye / Noam Chomsky is a Soft Revolution / Upbeat Feelgood / Closed Hand, Full of Friends

Foy Vance’s new album, The Wild Swan, was just released last week.  Below, you’ll hear three songs from the album, which are also three very good reasons to buy said album.

The fourth song is actually the first thing ever posted on this little website.  Not to be too hyperbolic, but if the fate of the world ever depended on convincing one particular person to like one particular songwriter, this is probably the video you should play for that person to persuade them to listen to Mr. Vance and thus save the world.

Fruit Bats – From a Soon to be Ghost Town / Humbug Mountain Song

Speaking of albums that have really good songs on them…. check out Absolute Loser.

The Steel Wheels – End of the World Again

Acoustic songs about coming home will never go out of style.

Check out more from The Steel Wheels here.

Until next week — cheers.




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