Weekly Roundup for May Sixteenth / when the rent’s too high, we’ll just buy cheaper wine

It’s Monday, let’s listen to stuff — a couple slow songs, a summertime-ready pop song, an unreleased Ryan Adams classic, and an acoustic gem about lighting stuff on fire…

Tyler Lyle – Floating Empire

Best U.S. singer-songwriter who inexplicably isn’t a household name yet?  This guy right here has got to be in the running.

(Thanks to Adam for the heads up about this one.)

Animal Daydream – Citrus

Quality summertime stuff here, all jangly guitars and Beach Boys-esque vocals.

Check out more from Animal Daydream here.

The Bad Marriage – 1996

Well this is just a completely lovely song.

No record yet, but hopefully we’ll get some news soon…

(song starts at 00:42)

Ryan Adams – Petal in a Rainstorm

Ryan Adams recently released a deluxe edition of Heartbreaker.

It’s fantastic.

Parker Millsap – A Little Fire

Let’s end with a nice, quiet, contemplative song about burning all your possessions and leaving town.

Until next week, cheers.

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