Weekly Roundup for April Tenth / which words lead us home

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . it’s a bit more like the Monday evening tape this week.

Nonetheless, here’s some new musical goodness.


The Collection – You Taste Like Wine

Ten-piece orchestral indie folk rock.  It’s not a crowded field, pretty much just these guys and Typhoon.

But those are two pretty great bands right there.

(Ok, there are technically only seven band members here, but another four musicians significantly contributed to the record.  You get the idea.)


John Andrews & the Yawns – Painting a Picture

The second single from Bad Posture sounds like a classic Shins song that got folkified, and maybe a little drunk.

RIYL: Fleet Foxes, Hand Habits, Oh, Inverted World, good music


Zander Hawley – Don’t Call Me Back

Zander Hawley is a 19-year-old alt-country kid that would now like to break your heart in the catchiest of ways.

His forthcoming record, When I Get Blue, is due out 5/12.


Eric & Magill – Tightrope

A little shuffle & groove, some banjo plucking and a dash of brass and harmonica.

That’s a good recipe right there.


Porchistas – Mister Chump

Protest songs, man.  Powerful stuff.

And this one brings a bit of the funk too.


Puddles Pity Party – Pinball Wizard

And now, for something you didn’t even realize you needed in your life: a clown playing Pinball Wizard in the style of Folsom Prison Blues.

This recommendation comes via a great friend with exceptional musical taste and a truly dizzying intellect, Mr. Hartz.

(And he’ll also probably get what the phrase “dizzying intellect” is in reference to without the aid of a link like this one.)


Until next week, cheers.

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