Weekly Roundup for April Third / a world you want to live in

On this week’s roundup . . .


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Hope the High Road

As great as Sad Bastard Isbell is, let’s all remember that Fun Rollicking Isbell is pretty great too.


Michael Berg – Cuban Link

156 seconds of easygoing, toe-tapping, unpretentious, self-aware, goofy goodness here.


Gallery 47 – Lefty

The music is still largely sparse and sad and altogether great, but this time it takes on some social and political import as well.

Forthcoming EP, Bad Production, is due out 5/5.


Jake Houlsby – Oklahoma

Ho hum, another week, another very good folk-rock tune from one of the UK’s inexplicably well-kept secrets.


Black Fly – I Don’t Know

Lonely, synth-heavy goth music written in a bedroom in the backwoods of Vermont?  Such things are better than you might think…

If Justin Vernon had channeled his modern, electro-friendly self when he was making For Emma back in the day, it might’ve sounded something like this.


Cataldo – Person You’d Be Proud Of

It’s hard to believe that Prison Boxing came out seven years ago.

Good news, though: Eric Anderson is still making catchy and heartfelt pop songs.  He’ll release a new batch of them on 4/28.


Tyler Childers – Charleston Girl

Just another friendly reminder that this guy is going to release one heck of a record later this year.


Until next week, cheers.

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