Weekly Roundup for October Thirty-First / we will have a song that lasts

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . indie rock from Portland, a couple downers about love, a new one from the always-outstanding Cave Singers, and some lo-fi rock from California.

Watch out for clowns, folks.  Happy Monday and Happy Halloween.


Small Leaks Sink Ships – Window

If the phrase “in the aeroplane over the sea” means anything to you, then what follows just might be relevant to your interests.  The best thing about discovering a band like SLSS is realizing how long they’ve been quietly releasing great music, and then falling down a musical rabbit’s hole digging through their back catalog.

Check out a whole slew of good stuff from these guys right here.

RIYL: Neutral Milk Hotel, Typhoon, good music, books


Josienne Clark & Ben Walker – Something Familiar

Great, wistful, sparse British folk.

Get it.


Canyon City – Firework

A person playing a guitar while singing thoughtful lyrics about love and loss never goes out of style.

Midnight Waves is out now.


The Cave Singers – You Don’t Know Me

A new song from one of Seattle’s musical treasures — very good stuff, as usual.


The Molochs – No More Cryin’

This little bit of musical goodness, care of L.A.’s South Bay, falls somewhere between lo-fi indie rock and alt-country.

America’s Velvet Glory is due out January 13th.

Until next week, cheers.

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