Weekly Roundup for April Eleventh / i reckon we were heathens, but in her eyes we were saints

This week: two hazy pop songs from the U.K., some All-American ragtime rock, and a great new songwriter from Kentucky.

Happy Monday.

Tyler Childers – Follow You to Virgie / Goin’ Home / White House Road

Tyler Childers is an up-and-coming country/folk singer from Paintsville, Kentucky.

He has some of the throwback southern charm of Johnny Cash in his demeanor, and more than a little Jim Croce in his music: the workingman’s sense of humor and justice, the smart lyrics, the knowing wink and nod.

Below, you’ll hear an acoustic ode to his late grandmother, an upbeat song about missing a lady back home, and a foot-stomper about hard living.

He doesn’t have a full-length record out yet, so you’re officially in on the ground floor here.  Hopefully we’ll have more news soon.

In the meantime, you can check out Live on Red Barn Radio Volume I and Volume II.

With guys like Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell finally getting some much-deserved attention, it’s only a matter of time for this fella.

Organized Scum – Insane Making Behavior

Here’s a good one to pleasantly bounce your head along to.  And lyrically, this is a real nice way to start a song: “Wheels are slowly falling off, sleeping on the tabletop a real proposition.”

You might hear a bit of the Beatles and a little Talking Heads influence, both of which are never a bad thing, right?

Organized Scum’s new EP, Light Headed, is available now.

HATS – Hurt You

John and Garry Kerr are twin brothers from Irvine, Ayrshire, U.K.   They collectively form the indie pop duo HATS.

They plan to release one song per month for each remaining month of the year.  ‘Hurt You’ is the first of ten.  Let’s hope the next nine are this good.

Huckleberry – Shasta

Now for some good old-fashioned americana ragtime rock from a six-piece group of Arizonians.

Any time music like this comes along, folks who write about music are contractually obligated to make a reference to the Band, so here you go: Levon Helm would really dig these fellas.  Also, anyone whose record collection includes Faithless Street or Yonder is the Clock should get excited about this stuff.

Huckleberry’s newest EP, Shasta City, Bad News Ricky, is out now.

Their most recent full-length album, Problems, was released late last year.

The new Sturgill Simpson record, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, comes out this Friday, but you can stream it now over at NPR.  It’s eclectic and weird and daring and just overall great.  Check it out here.

Until next week, cheers…

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