Weekly Roundup for February Eighth

This week, we’ll do some pensive midwestern folk, some pensive UK folk, a great leftover track from one of the best albums of last year, a lovely-sounding song about the devil, another great NPR Tiny Desk performance, and a new single from the Lumineers.

Anna & Elizabeth – The Devil’s Nine Questions

Anna & Elizabeth are an acoustic duo that specializes in writing sparse, timeless folk songs.

Come for the beautiful, organic-sounding acapella vocals; stay for the awkward devil-centric story told by way of a crank-driven rotating quilt.

Their self-titled second album was released earlier this spring. You can, and really really should, check it out here.

Donovan Woods – The First Time / On the Nights You Stay Home

Below you’ll find two very good reasons to check out the new Donovan Woods record when it comes out later this month.

This fella does thoughtful, clever love songs better than just about anybody. Both songs feature acoustic guitar under hushed vocals and some incisive (if a bit sad-bastardy) lyrics.

Great stuff, these songs. Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled is due out February 26th.

Tigermask – Womb

Here’s a mellow, serene tune from the UK. The rhythmic humming, finger-snaps, and ohhs & ahhs make for perfect Monday morning music. Grab your coffee and enjoy.

The song is from their from their recent album, Ovum, which you can preview and purchase directly from the band.

The recommendation on this one came about in the best of ways: via an email from one of the folks in the band, which roughly said, “Hey — just made this record in our house. It’d be great if you could check it out.” And as a bonus, it just so happens to be very good stuff.

Colter Wall – Sleeping on the Blacktop

This one is a little bit Johnny Cash and a little bit Shakey Graves. You can preview and purchase Mr. Wall’s latest EP, Imaginary Appalachia, right here.

The Oh Hellos – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

As a general rule, NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts are nearly always great, great stuff.

San Marcos, Texas’s greatest brother & sister alt-folk duo Tyler and Maggie Heath recently played at that tiny desk with some friends.

Dear Wormwood is an outstanding record that was released a few months ago. You can preview and purchase it right here.

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – What I Need

And henceforth, let’s not let anyone claim “they don’t make music like they used to”, because, indeed, they do.

See below. 

The Lumineers – Ophelia

This jaunty, minimalistic, hand-clappy piano song from the Lumineers is good stuff.

Until next week, cheers…

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