Weekly Roundup for November Twenty-Third

This week, let’s do some americana music care of the Longhorn and Sooner states, a couple of great quiet numbers, a quality piano song, a wonderfully odd duo delivering some old soul music, and a catchy little ditty about the War on Terror.

Onward we go — happy listening.

Bird Dog – Rubble to Rubble / Chicken Fried Steak / The Ocean and the Sea
Bird Dog is a brand new Americana band originally from Texas and Oklahoma, and currently based in Los Angeles. Their debut EP, Misty Shrub, is due out January 22nd, with a full-length set for release later in the year. Mark it on your radars, folks — this is really good stuff.

The Kominas – See Something Say Something
The War on Terror has made us all a little bit batty and paranoid. These fellas decided to write a bouncy, tongue-in-cheek song about that very paranoia. The tune was seemingly inspired by the Department of Homeland Security’s “If You See Something Say Something” PSAs that used to litter various subways and airports.

You can preview and purchase the Kominas’ latest album, Stereotype, right here.

Radical Face – Servants and Kings
Some subtle, slow-burning folk from Jacksonville, Florida’s Radical Face is always welcome. A new EP is due early next year.

Freja – Ghosts in the Snow
Here’s a great piano-based minimalist tune, care of London. Freja’s new EP, Ghosts, is due out this Friday on ShimmerSun Music.

Love & the Zealous – All in All
For the first ten seconds or so of this one, you might think it’s a joke. There’s a red-haired hippie in a tie-dye t-shirt and a large bearded man wearing a polo shirt and Pirates hat. They stand alone with a microphone, an acoustic guitar, and some questionable smoke effects.

Give it two minutes, though — it just might leave you quite entertained.

Love & the Zealous is a southern-soul-funk band from Young County, Texas. They recently released a live EP that’s available on their bandcamp page for the low low cost of “whatever, dude”.

Findlay Brown – All is Love
Findlay Brown is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn via Yorkshire. His songs are largely sparse, mellow, introspective, and good.

His most recent album, Slow Light, is only a couple months old, and it can be yours for about $8, which Google says is equal to about 5.21 pounds or 7.21 euros — well worth it, regardless of your home currency.

Until next week, cheers…..

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