Weekly Roundup for November Sixteenth

This week, let’s do a bit of Bon Iver-ish folk from the UK, some Canadian folk, a dash of loud saxophones, peaceful music from Brooklyn, a great Terry Allen cover by two of contemporary country’s best songwriters, and two quality songs from Andy Schauf.

Sturgill Simpson & Jason Isbell – Amarillo Highway (live Terry Allen cover)
There’s really never a good reason to watch a concert through your damn cell phone. But someone did just that during a recent Sturgill Simpson show, so we might as well enjoy the fruits of someone else’s folly and watch this great performance.

Novo Amor – Anchor
Well here’s something entirely beautiful to start the week. This British fella sounds an awful lot like Justin Vernon at his Bon Iver-est. Very good stuff here.

Andy Schauf – Hometown Hero / Jenny Come Home
Andy Schauf is a Canadian singer-songwriter who writes mellow, easy-going, entirely hum-along-able songs.

“Hometown Hero” is from his 2015 album The Bearer of Bad News, and “Jenny Come Home” is the first song he’s released since recently signing to Anti records.

Anyone who manages to make extensive yet tasteful use of clarinets in their low-key folk rock songs is more than welcome around these parts.

Florist – Vacation
Here’s a breezy, serene song care of Florist, a musical outfit from Brooklyn via the Catskill Mountains. Check out more stuff from Florist right here.

Library Voices – Zzyzx
Don’t ask about the title. We don’t get it either. Is the song sleeping? It sure doesn’t sound like it. Actually, this one will wake you up with a quickness.

Weird titles aside, we could all probably use some more distorted guitars and wailing saxophones in our lives.

These folks’ new record, Lovish, sounds very promising so far. It’s due out November 6th.

Joshua Hyslop – Gone
Let’s close things out with some upbeat, shuffling Canadian folk. This fella lists Iron & Wine, Ryan Adams, and Wilco as influences. His sophomore album, In Deepest Blue, was recently released on Nettwerk Music.

Until next week, cheers…

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