Weekly Roundup for November Second

This week: mellow, rhythmic folk from down under, a pair of songs from our favorite (and only) band/theatre company hybrid, an old-fashioned sounding new country tune, and another promising song from a Dallas up-and-comer.

Happy listening.

Conner Youngblood – The Birds of Finland
Somewhere between James Vincent McMorrow and Bon Iver, this new tune from Conner Youngblood shows again that this is one up-and-coming songwriter to keep on your radar. It’s good stuff, and very late-fall appropriate to boot.

Eef Barzelay – Book of Love (Peter Gabriel cover)
Hailing from Nashville by way of Israel, songwriter Eef Barzelay has had one of the coolest names in all of music since he founded the alt-country band Clem Snide back in 1991. He released his first solo record in 2006, and he just recently completed Volume 4 in his Fan Chosen Covers series, which is exactly what it sounds like it is.

Pigpen Theatre Company – Choir / The Bear Song
If you like your folk music a bit upbeat and theatrical, and you want a band who also happens to be a bona fide theatre company, then look no further. Pigpen Theatre Company released one such record earlier this year. Whole Sun is out now.

Chris Stapleton – Nobody to Blame (live on the Late Show)
Here’s a gritty, earnest, bluesy americana confessional — just the way the country music gods intended.  Preview and purchase Traveler here.

Jerry Reed – Amos Moses
Wayback Machine Alert! This song was originally released in 1970. We could all probably use a little more Jerry Reed in our lives. He managed to seemlessly combine folk, country, and funk — no small feat there.

The Septembers – Work
This slinky, soulful tune from The Septembers was the product of a rainy day in Amsterdam, but it’ll fit in well with your local weather pattern too. You can check out more of their stuff here.

Matt Corby – Monday
Finger-snaps and hand-claps over layered “oohs & aahs” — this new single from Australia’s Matt Corby just might help clear your head to start the week.

Until next week…

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