Weekly Roundup for September Fourteenth

Let’s check out some people playing music, and singing some words over that music.

Ezra Furman – Lousy Connection
Mr. Furman, a gender-fluid indie-rock weirdo from Chicago, wrote an outstanding record this year called Perpetual Motion People. Here’s the appropriately bizarre, anti-fowl video for that album’s second track.

Phil Cook – Ain’t It Sweet
Mr. Cook’s new album, Southland Mission, was released three days ago. It’s outstanding. You’ll probably want to buy it.

Thunderbitch – I Don’t Care
Brittany Howard (of Alabama Shakes) quietly released a gritty, lo-fi rock album last week under the awesomely terrible name “Thunderbitch”, just four months after the Shakes released Sound & Color. It’s good stuff, if you’re into that sort of thing.

High Tiny Hairs – Ghost Shadow
Fuzzy guitars, a little staccato organ, and some mumbly lyrics: they’re not just for Doors b-sides any more.

Will Stratton – Lightning Dream Shuffle
Drums and bass are totally overrated, according to this (quite good) song.

Younghusband – Better Times
If the Beach Boys had done a bunch of hard drugs right after they released Pet Sounds, the inevitable follow-up “experimental” album might have sounded something like this. Younghusband’s sophomore album, Dissolver, is due out October 30th.

Jamie Lawson – All is Beauty
Very ordinary: dude with a guitar singing songs about feelings.
Quite extraordinary: dude with a guitar singing songs about feelings in a wholly unique and engaging way.
Mr. Lawson’s new record is due out October 10th.

On a side note, as it turns out, the Patriots are huge, terrible cheaters. Read all about it here.

Until next week…

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