Quiet Life – a primer

Quiet Life are an indie rock band originally from New London, Connecticut and currently based in Portland, Oregon.

They’ve quietly released three full-length LPs dating back to 2008, and they released a great EP last year that featured this lady and this guy.

They’re one of those bands where you can’t help but shake your head and wonder why they aren’t more popular. They sound a bit like Dr. Dog, more than a little like The Band, and a tad like The Lumineers… so why are they playing the local bar-type venue rather than the nearest amphitheater? It’s inexplicable, really. If anyone can explicate it, please do so.

But don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Catch these guys at your favorite small venue sometime soon — you never know when the word might get out.

A new album is expected later this year.





RIYL: any of those bands listed above, good music, handclaps and footstomps, hidden treasures

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