MMT Summer 2015

This year, the summer solstice is on June 21st. For ancient Greeks, the summer solstice was the first day of the year. For Romans, it meant a celebration of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. The ancient Chinese participated in a solstice ceremony to honor the earth, femininity, and the mystical force known simply as “yin”. (Yang was apparently relegated to the freezing, dark depths of winter.)

Modern Americans haven’t strayed too far from those traditions. We celebrate our own gods of summer: those of music festivals, beaches, baseball, flip-flops, theme parks, sunscreen, and moderate-to-questionable alcohol consumption.

We’ll focus on some music. Below, you’ll find songs about friendship (#12, #16), love (#7, #22, #23), nostalgia (#3, #16), self-assurance (#15), depression (#5, #19), U.S. politics (#20), gypsy curses (#11), and bearded drag queens (#2).

The songs are almost entirely new or newish. #3 is the only real throwback, and it’s definitely worth revisiting 1970 for it.

This download link will be available for a limited time.

The cover art was again done by the brilliant folks over at Special thanks to “egg” for coming up with the concept. Cheers.


1-2. Low Cut Connie – Who the Hell is Tina? / Shake It Little Tina
3. Chairmen of the Board – Since the Days of Pigtails (and Fairy Tales)
4. Matt Simons – Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)
5. Only Real – Can’t Get Happy
6. Mathien – Wurlitzer Crowley
7. Ryan Adams – In the Dark
8. Tyler Childers – Follow You to Virgie
9. Madisen War & the Mama Bear – Yellow Taxi
10. Spirit Family Reunion – All the Way Back Home
11. Lord Huron – Cursed
12. Foy Vance – Where Everybody Knows Your Name (theme from Cheers)
13. JJ Grey & Mofro – The Sun is Shining Down
14. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – I Need Never Get Old
15. Old Man Luedecke – I’m Fine (I am, I am)
16. Mandolin Orange – Old Ties and Companions
17. Tyler Lyle – The Lucky Ones
18. The Collection – Scala Naturae
19. Courtney Barnett – Elevator Operator
20. Desapaecidos – City on the Hill
21. Pigpen Theatre Company – Weathervane
22. Josh Ritter – Long Shadows (live @ Iveagh Gardens)
23. Kaleo – All the Pretty Girls
24. The Deslondes – Out on the Rise

If you find something you like, please support the artist and buy their stuff.

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