Old Man Luedecke – A&W Song / The Early Days

Old Man Luedecke is the nom de plume of Nova Scotian singer-songwriter Chris Luedecke. He writes unpretentious, earnest folk music that sounds like it’s most comfortable being performed on, and was probably written on, a quiet front porch.

The first song below is from his 2012 Juno Award-nominated album Tender is the Night. For us Americans, the Juno Awards are like the Grammys, only a little more polite and a lot more Canadian. The second song is from his upcoming new album, Domestic Eccentric, which you can pre-order here.

The two songs collectively are a 100% swell way to spend the next seven minutes.

RIYL: timeless folk, Todd Snider, Jim Croce, finger-pickin’, burgers & fries

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