The Grateful Dead – Wharf Rat (live at Rockpalast)

Old-Timer Tuesday
Most of the music posted here is new or newish. However, as a nod to the elders, Tuesdays are reserved strictly for music that was written and/or recorded before the year 2000.


Reasons to really like this video include:

1. Jerry.
2. Synchronized drummers.
3. Pete Townshend wafting around in the background like a drunken zombie.
4. The rhythm guitarist’s totally rad American armband.
5. Dude, Jerry, seriously.

(The video ends abruptly because they go right into another song.)

I often Google “artists like (band name)” to get ideas for what bands or artists to list in the RIYL section below. I foolishly started to do that with the Grateful Dead and half-expected Google to auto-respond, “There’s no one like the Grateful Dead, you damn cretin. Go put on Shakedown Street.”

RIYL: good music, good music, good music, Jerry

And here’s Ryan Adams, playing the same song in a completely different manner, for some elementary school kids.

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