Counting Crows – Palisades Park

I was introduced to Counting Crows by my freshman year college roommate — a very smart guy and a good friend, but only a mediocre Super Smash Bros player. (Hey Seth! Ness still sucks. DK4Life. /taunt /oom)

After wearing out their third album, This Desert Life, I backtracked and discovered August & Everything After and that was it. For about four solid years, I was convinced that they were the best band in the history of recorded music. I bought all of their albums, tracked down rarities and live shows, drove hours to see them in concert, etc. etc. It was the kind of dependent, obsessive behavior typically reserved for drug addicts and Cubs fans.

Eventually, the hyperbole subsided, thanks largely to discovering Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker and a handful of other great albums to get distracted by.

Counting Crows have a new record due out September 2nd in the States and September 15th everywhere else. It’s called Somewhere Under Wonderland, and you can pre-order it directly from the band right here.

The first song and first single, titled “Palisades Park”, is below. It’s a really good one.

RIYL: Van Morrison, major piano chords, shifting time signatures, introspection, good music

One thought on “Counting Crows – Palisades Park

  1. Silly little man, that’s not how you taunt!

    I fully expect that you have now fled your keyboard in fear, but thanks for the shout out nonetheless! The more I hear this song, the more I like it!

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