Cataldo – Gilded Oldies & The Beast

Cataldo is the musical alias of Seattle songwriter Eric Anderson. He writes catchy and unpretentious pop songs. Depending on the time of year, he either looks like a caveman who’s about to sneeze or a GQ cover dude.

Pictured: The Mystique of songwriting, apparently.

Appearances aside, Cataldo writes music that is well worth your time and attention. He recently released a great little album called Gilded Oldies. At nine songs and 35 minutes, it’s not much of a time commitment.

Two songs from the album are below: the title track and “The Beast”. You can preview and purchase it here.

RIYL: Iron & Wine, The Mountain Goats, good music, X-Men

(According to the Bible, “Noli me tangere” is what Jesus said to Mary Magdalene after she witnessed his alleged resurrection. It’s Latin for “touch me not”. Regardless of your religious philosophy, you’ve got to admit, “Noli me tangere, motherfucker” is a pretty great way to tell someone to bugger off.)

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