Washington Phillips – What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?

Old-Timer Tuesday
Most of the music posted here is new or newish. However, as a nod to the elders, Tuesdays will now officially be known as “Old-Timer Tuesday”, which will be reserved strictly for music that was written and/or recorded before the year 2000.


We’ll go back to the 1920’s for this week’s Old-Timer Tuesday. A time when the bubonic plague was destroying much of India; the League of Nations was just being established; the car radio was invented; and people here in America eventually got the wild idea that women should be allowed to vote.

The 1920’s also marked the first time that gospel music was widely marketed in the U.S.

Washington Phillips was one of the founding fathers of American gospel music. He only recorded 18 songs in five sessions from 1927-1929, and only 16 of those original 18 remain. But sometimes quality trumps quantity, and Mr. Phillips had quality.

The song below talks about heaven quite a bit. But even if you’re not religious, you might still like this song. If you have friends or loved ones who have shuffled off this mortal coil, it might just remind you of them.

RIYL: good music, old black and white movies, gospel, the kind of wisdom that only comes with age

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