Cloud Cult – Running with the Wolves

As you’ll see early in the clip below, Cloud Cult has been quietly making music for 10 years now. It’s hard to avoid hyperbole when talking about these guys. They’re just great. They’re 100% hippies, but they’re the good kind of hippies. The real deal. They formed a record label called Earthology Records that’s powered largely by geothermal energy. The studio was built with reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. They tour in a biodiesel van. They often have painters doing interpretive paintings during their live shows. In the video, half of them are barefoot, for chrissakes. The record label is a certified nonprofit institution that donates all of its profits to environmental charities — the band basically survives on money from shows and their own music sales. That is how you properly hippie.

This is the kind of music that can lift your mood, straighten your spine, freshen your breath, and make you a better person.

Clould Cult’s newest album, Unplug, technically comes out on April 15th, but you can buy it directly from the band right here right now.

RIYL: hippies, truly independent music, solar & wind power, good music, kale

(Intro and song starts around 22:30.)

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