Streets of Laredo – Laredo

There’s not a whole of information available about these folks at the moment. If you google “Streets of Laredo”, the first result is a big video of an old Marty Robbins song by the same name. You might know about Marty Robbins because of his song “Feleena” and its connection to one of the greatest dramatic series in television history.

This Streets of Laredo is a band from New York by way of New Zealand. They have two EPs out right now, both available for the very reasonable price of “free”. You can get them right here.

Their website says they are “an indie-folk band of joy”, and that sounds about right. No word yet on a full-length album, but the EPs have plenty of goodness on them in the meantime.

RIYL: Auckland, The Head & the Heart, folk, good music, kiwis

3 thoughts on “Streets of Laredo – Laredo

  1. If you were truly a Bryan Adams superfan, you would know that he hasn’t released an album of new material since 2010’s “Bare Bones”. Nice try, Paul. You picked “The Aceman”, really?

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