The picture up top is a logo of sorts around here.  It contains three great things: coffee, music, and thrift store button-ups.

The site’s name comes from an old Nick Hornby novel called High Fidelity.  It was so good they made a movie out of it:

Free music trivia: the guitar solo he hums at the beginning is from “Jacob’s Ladder” by Rush.


So the scene above is technically where the name comes from, but it’s also a bit condescending. The aim of this site is to encourage music recommendations and discussion, which is better represented by this equally great scene from that same great movie:


MMT now gets about 200 band and artist submissions each week.  Most of them are from PR reps and other “industry people”.  Time constraints mean that about half of them get tossed based on their description alone (“dubtech-slowcore” or anything involving a “dope remix”, for example).

But around 15-20 each week just come from a random person — someone that says something like this: “Hey man, I recorded this in my basement with some friends.  It’s our life’s work to this point and we think it turned out pretty cool.  It’d be great if you’d take a listen and maybe help spread the good word.”

Those are the best.

Anything that is written about here gets cross-posted to the Hype Machine, a music aggregator site that gets around 4-5 million listeners each month, so being able to help a band get that kind of immediate exposure is pretty damn neato.

Recommendations and submissions are always welcome — please send them to themondaymorningtape@gmail.com.

Feel free to have a look around, and thanks for stopping by.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved the clip! One of my all time favorite movies.
    Looks like a cool interesting blog you have here. I will follow…

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