Weekly Roundup for June Twenty-Sixth / darkness comes around too soon for you

On this week’s roundup . . .


Hattie Whitehead – This Ship

A sparse, lonely melody that builds to a big orchestral payoff, then reverts back to that same beautiful, quiet melody.

Quality stuff, this one.

Check out more from Home here.


Tyler Childers – Honky Tonk Flame (live @ Sun King Brewery)

Hoo boy, this is gonna be a special record.

Mark it 8, dude.  8/4.

Also, can’t wait to see what he and Sturgill Simpson do with the studio version of this one:


Martin Luke Brown – Into Yellow

This man has a very pretty voice — I’d say Buckley-esque, but that’d be silly — and this is a hypnotic, serene gem of a song.


Mondo Cozmo – Plastic Soul

Yep, go ahead and mark 8/4 again.


The Deslondes – Hurricane Shakedown

Rollicking, ramshackle good times right here.

Hurry Home is out now.



Until next week, cheers.

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