Weekly Roundup for February Twentieth / the last one wearing a diamond

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . sensitive folk, groove-ish rock, patriotic folk, and catchy British rock — not necessarily in that order, but you’ll figure it out 🙂

Happy Monday.


Abigail Lapell – Diamond Girl

A tender, soulful voice meets some clever acoustic guitar playing.

Such things work very well together.

Hide Nor Hair is out now.


Matthew Logan Vasquez – Headed West

Another rollicking, grooving, great song from Mr. Vasquez’s forthcoming record — one more reason to mark 4/21 on your calendar.


Joe Purdy – Cursin’ Air

At this time in history, in this ongoing sociopolitical pandemonium, you really need a record like this in your life.


Marsicans – Friends

And some catchy, irreverent Brit-rock might be helpful too.


Spirit Family Reunion – Goin’ Out to Cannon Ball

As the song says: HSBC, Chase, and TD all have placed their bets.

But don’t worry, they’re probably champions for the little guy — just like our Commander-in-Tweet…


People with Bodies – Finder

And finally, some lo-fi indie surf-ish rock, care of Reno, Nevada.

Uncooperative headphones be damned.


Until next week, cheers…

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