Weekly Roundup for February Sixth / far from all the things we love so sweet

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . some earnest indie rock, a haunting politically-minded cover, a few great acoustic tunes, and an upbeat foot-stomper about honesty.

Happy Monday.


Before the Brave – Cold, Cold, Cold

Before the Brave are an up-and-coming indie folk rock band hailing from San Francisco.  Their most recent record, Better Country, is available through Amazon or their Bandcamp page.  You can check out the whole thing below.

And now, the nerdiest way to describe music: BAND MATH!

(The Head & the Heart + Hey Marseilles) x (clever instrumentation + a pervasive sense of yearning)  = Before the Brave


Ryan Adams – Karma Police (Radiohead cover)

Mr. Adams recently showed that his sense of humor is squarely intact by releasing his newest single, “Doomsday”, on the day of the Trumpster’s inauguration.

It sounds like his social and political acumen is doing fine too, as this Radiohead cover is timely, relevant, and altogether scary.

This is, indeed, what we get.


Leif Vollebekk – Into the Ether

Really can’t wait for 2/24.  This record is gonna be something else.


Rose Cousins – Like Trees

Come for the thoughtful lyrics and beautiful singing; stay for the outstanding musicianship and Zachariah Hickman’s awesomely ridiculous mustache.

Natural Conclusions was released three days ago and is ready to be your new favorite piano-centric record.


The Menzingers – Tellin’ Lies

If this song were a friend, it would be the zany, outlandish friend who always encourages you to drive fast and yell things.

And it makes a compelling argument.

After the Party is out now.


Gregory Alan Isakov – Time Will Tell

GAI, man — still one of the most underrated great American songwriters.

(Yeah yeah, he was technically born in Johannesburg, but he has lived in Colorado long enough to call it home.  Whatever, buy his stuff, it’s fantastic.)


Until next week, cheers.

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