Weekly Roundup for January Ninth / a tombstone for freedom in a world that went wrong

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . a protest song just in time for the inauguration of the Commander-in-Tweet™, some folk-pop, and a handful of solo acoustic performances that’ll help get your week started right.


Kyle Craft – Before the Wall

Mr. Craft follows up the most fun, over-the-top, and old-school glammy album of last year with a somber, acoustic political dirge about the Trumpster’s wall.

The next four years of The Orange One’s presidency will undoubtedly suck in a number of embarrassing ways, but if this song is any indication, we are going to get some great protest art out of it.


Matthew Squires – Shape of Your Heart

Here’s something catchy and whimsical and quite good.

Tambaleo is due out on 1/20.


Langhorne Slim – Never Break / Lion Like You

For over a decade now, Sean Scolnick has been releasing heartfelt folk rock that is occasionally foot-stomping, occasionally heart-breaking, and always soulful.

He performs under the name Langhorne Slim, and you can check out all of his stuff here.


Jack White & Margo Price – I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet)

Lots of fun being had here.  You’ll probably have fun too.

You can check out Ms. Price’s most recent album here and a whole bunch of goodness from Mr. White here.


Keels – Surrender

Some quality dreamy, anthemic alt-pop here, care of Irish songwriter Keels.

RIYL: Ben Howard, Kodaline, good music, errant gazes into the great beyond


BJ Barham – Madeline

Let’s finish with a full-throated, solo acoustic performance of an outstanding parenting song.

The song is chock-full of folksy wisdom, such as “the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time” and “pride is as dangerous as it is essential.”

However, it’s hard to beat this line for its specificity: “Never trust a man who does hard drugs in his 30s.”

That’s just solid advice right there.


Until next week, cheers….

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