Weekly Roundup for October Tenth / stream of consciousness and endless strip malls

On this week’s roundup . . .

. . . catchy new indie rock, classic underappreciated folk, a bona fide jam, and a deceptively smart southern rock lament about spying that seems all too apropos on this Columbus Day.

Happy Monday to you.

Farewell Teddy – Connoisseur of the Boulevard / A Thousand Bouquets / Travelator Blues / Rainbow Trout Moon

Farewell Teddy is an indie rock duo from Atlanta, Georgia. They write thoughtful, quirky, catchy songs that are reminiscent of indie cult favorites like Violent Femmes and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Their outstanding debut record, Brave New World’s Fair, is out now.

Dave Van Ronk – He Was a Friend of Mine

Here’s an oldie but a (very) goodie about camaraderie.

Buy Mr. Van Ronk’s stuff here.

Sam Burchfield – Accidentally Cute

A little Ben Harper, a little Jack Johnson, a $95 hairdo, some brassy grooviness, and one patented Prince “ow” on this one.

Unarmored is out now.

Natural Child – NSA Blues

Having a Big Brother-type organization spying on its citizens here in the Land of the Free™ is a real bummer. But hey, at least these guys wrote a fun, cheeky song about it.

Natural Child’s latest record is called Okey Dokey. It’s good stuff.

Mandolin Orange – Wildfire

North Carolinian folkie duo Mandolin Orange released a new album of acoustic goodness a couple of weeks ago.

It’s called Blindfaller — you can preview and purchase it here.

Until next week, cheers.

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