Weekly Roundup for September Twenty-Sixth / troubled by a disjointed dream

On this week’s roundup…

. . . two singer-songwriters, two vintage-sounding rock n’ roll dudes, and two great upbeat songs from overseas.

Happy Monday.

Kyle Morton – Gestalt of Original Pain / Innuendos

Last week, Typhoon’s main singer-songwriter unexpectedly released a stripped-down, acoustic album.

Said album is expectedly good.

What Will Destroy You is out now.

Gizmo Varillas – Freedom for a Change

Contagious, sunshine-ready indie rock here, care of London.

Gizmo’s debut record, El Dorado, is due out 11/4 on Muisca Records.

Calan Mai (feat. Linying) – Mountain Mountain

Speaking of sunshine-ready indie rock, here’s a new one from Calan Mai.

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster – The Dirt, the Bells & I / Headed South

This Friday, Mr. Kinkel-Schuster will release one of the best singer-songwriter records of the year.

Just a friendly heads up.

Nick Waterhouse – Katchi (feat. Leon Bridges) / It’s Time

As long as these fellas keep making music, old-fashioned American rock n’ roll will remain alive and well.

Never Twice is due out 11/30.

Until next week, cheers.

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