Weekly Roundup for August Twenty-Ninth / a little space, a little time to breathe

On this week’s Monday Morning Tape…

…lots of goodness to check out after taking last week off — we’ve got time for neither jibba nor jabba.

Happy Monday.

Louis Berry – Restless

Well this is just fantastic — a little Langhorne Slim vocal rasp (albeit a couple octaves lower), a little “Where the Streets Have No Name” guitar delay/reverb, and a whole lotta fun.

To use a phrase that almost surely doesn’t exist in Mr. Berry’s hometown of Liverpool: “Giddy-up.”

Brett Newski – Garage

A good song, appropriately titled.

Land Air Sea Garage is 11 days old and is ready to be your favorite retro-sounding Replacements-ish album of the year.

Bon Iver – 22 (Over Soon) [Bob Moose Extended Cab Version] / 10 dEAThbREasT (Extended Version)

Nice to see Mr. Vernon entering the Thom Yorke phase of his career, complete with head-scratching song titles and synthesized bleeps & bloops.

Sometimes it works very well (see the first song below), sometimes it sounds like a bit of a mess (see the second).

The new record from Bon Iveradiohead is due September 30th on Jagjaguwar Records.

Tasseomancy – Do Easy

Canadian twin sisters get weird on the title track from their forthcoming album. The phrase “serene, drug-induced trance” now has a one-song soundtrack.

Tyler Lyle – The Farewell Party / Floating Empire

Tyler Lyle writes good songs. It’s just his thing.

And his Secret Lair project is one of the most unique music distribution methods you’ll likely see this year.

Father John Misty – Prius Commercial Demo 1

Well of course this guy released a new demo in a damn Prius commercial.

Of course he did.

Tyler Childers – Universal Sound

More goodness from Kentucky’s best-kept musical secret.

Until next week, cheers.

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