Weekly Roundup for April Twenty-Fifth / don’t plan for years, that grave’s dug all along

This week’s Monday Morning Tape . . .

Just a bunch of good, mostly upbeat musical stuff.

Happy Monday.

Me Like Bees – Tundraland / The Fifteenth Day

Me Like Bees is an indie rock band from Joplin, Missouri.  (Yes, that Joplin.)  Their great new EP, There Will Be Time, was just released two weeks ago, and it’s full of jittery, tempo-shifting stuff like the two songs below.

Fans of Modest Mouse, early Cold War Kids, or Neutral Milk Hotel should just buy the thing immediately — you guys probably just found your favorite new band.

You can also pick up their excellent debut record, The Ides, directly from the band via their bandcamp page.

Nations of the Soul – Bring Us Back Home / Dancing Spirit

Now for some quality upbeat indie folk care of Norwegian duo Nations of the Soul.

Their self-titled debut album is out now on Wandering Melody Records.

San Fermin & Sam Amidon – Shiver

(one good thing) + (another good thing) = a third good thing

Check out more stuff from San Fermin here and Sam Amidon here.

Matt Gresham – Small Voices (live)

Yup, this fella can sing and play a guitar pretty darn well.

Until next week, cheers…..

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