Portmanteau – Dig In

According to Google, a portmanteau is “a large trunk or suitcase, typically made of stiff leather and opening into two equal parts”. So they’re a suitcase band, then?

But wait, there’s more: a second, lesser-known alternate use of “portmanteau” is as an adjective meaning “consisting of or combining two or more separable aspects or qualities.” So, as you find yourself listening to the song below and inevitably thinking, “Well how about that; this band combines two separable aspects of music that are pretty great: basslines and keyboards reminiscent of groove-centric funk and big-band-style horns.  It makes more sense than anything related to luggage.

And yeah, the penultimate sentence in that last paragraph contains both a colon and a semi-colon, and there’s at least a 45% chance they’re both used correctly. You’re welcome, English teachers.

You can preview and purchase the new self-titled live EP from Portmanteau right here.

RIYL: P-Funk, Curtis Mayfield, The Toasters, jazz band geeks, good music

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