Mike Posner – I Took a Pill in Ibiza

Sometimes, people write a worldwide hit song, get completely overwhelmed with their fifteen minutes of fame, then promptly disappear from the public eye as fast as they appeared. What if you could hand one of those guys an acoustic guitar and go “Hey, tell us about that whole thing.”

Mike Posner appears to have done just that.

If you need a refresher, Mr. Posner is responsible for this obnoxiously ubiquitous and impossibly catchy piece of dancefloor pop from 2010. Then, he promptly pulled a Keyser Soze, and like that… he’s gone. Underground. Hasn’t released an album since.

(Apropos bonus: as of this writing, the top comment on YouTube for that song reads, “Is this guy still alive?!?”)

Following a five-year disappearance, he picked up an acoustic guitar and decided to write about that whole experience. His new EP, The Truth, was recently released on Island Records.

The song below isn’t a particularly great song, but it’s worth listening to if for no other reason than to hear someone candidly and succinctly sing about that bizarre, oft-pursued, oft-fleeting branch of the human experience we appropriately call “stardom”.

RIYL: pills, Ibiza, pop songs, good music

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