Bop English – Dani’s Blues / Struck Matches

Bop English is the working name of White Denim singer-guitarist James Petralli.

He recently released his first solo album, head-scratchingly titled Constant Bop; but if you’re going to perform under the name Bop English, why the hell not call your album that. People probably chuckled at some weirdos calling their album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts something something too.

Album titles and pseudonyms notwithstanding, the music is outstanding. It’s mostly upbeat rock music, with a little piano here, horns there, and keyboards on occasion. There’s also some airy 60’s-style pop, some borderline country-folk, a couple 808ish samples, shifting time signatures, and plenty of catchy harmonies. It’s a diverse record, and it’s one of the best albums of the year.

You can preview and purchase the album directly from the artist via his Bandcamp page right here.

RIYL: White Denim, good music,

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