Langhorne Slim & the Law – a primer

Editorial Note: if you see the phrase “a primer” in a headline, it means a few things: 1) there are three or more songs in that particular write-up, 2) the folks who provide input here think it’s exceptionally good stuff, and 3) I don’t know, one or two songs just didn’t seem sufficient, ok? Christ, it’s a free website. Quit belly-aching and enjoy the music. 🙂

Langhorne Slim is an underappreciated national treasure. He writes lively folk songs that are usually acoustic and are always brimming with either heart or attitude, and often-times both. His voice is one that you’ll pick out everywhere after hearing it once or twice. He and his band have a new album coming out on August 8th called The Spirit Moves. There are some great incentives for pre-ordering, which you can and should do here.

Below, you’ll find two songs from the new record, a fantastic song about his grandfather, a Leonard Cohen cover, and a widower’s love song for the ages.

Once you take all that in, you’ll probably want to buy more of his stuff here.

(Embedding isn’t allowed for the new ones, so you’ll have to click through to Dualtone’s site to hear them; it’s well worth it.)

RIYL: Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams, folk music with an attitude, good music

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