Anderson East – a primer

(Editorial Note: if you see the phrase “a primer” in a headline, it means that 1) there are three or more songs in that particular write-up, and 2) it’s exceptionally good stuff, and one or two songs just wasn’t sufficient.)

Anderson East is a singer-songwriter originally from Athens, Alabama and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.

In his music, you’ll find some old-fashioned piano & keyboards, whiskey-soaked vocals, brass, some occasional slide guitar, and a whole lot of southern soul; there’s plenty to like here.

Anderson East’s new record, Delilah, is due out July 10th. You can preview and pre-order it here.

UPDATE: You can now stream the whole album a week ahead of its release over at NPR.

RIYL: Jason Isbell, Rayland Baxter, Van Morrison, good music

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