Eddie Gomez – Catch Me If You Can (Bad Man)

Eddie Gomez is a singer-songwriter originally from Portland, Oregon, currently based in Los Angeles. So far, he has an EP and a couple singles to his name, but no full-length record yet. Given the success of R&B and soul-minded songwriters like Bruno Mars and George Ezra, however, this fella is probably going to get a lot of attention quickly. And if the song below is any indication, the attention will be well-deserved.

According to Mr. Gomez, the song below is about “a risk taker that will do the unconventional, and think outside of the box to achieve his dreams. Being creatively different in his thinking than most individuals makes him vulnerable to feeling like an outcast.”

In that case, cheers to outcasts. Check back for news on a full-length record soon.

RIYL: Ritchie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bruno Mars, good music, infectious retro-pop

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