Fantastic Negrito – Lost in a Crowd / New Beginning

Fantastic Negrito is the stage name of Oakland-based artist Xavier Dphrepaulezz. (Believe it or not, that last name is spelled correctly; it’s pronounced “dee-FREP-uh-lez”.) He has a fascinating backstory that involves a million-dollar record deal, a life-threatening car accident, and numerous other setbacks and comebacks. His music is a hybrid of blues, rock, R&B, and gospel.

He performs with the unbridled, half-crazed passion of a tent revival preacher, but at any point in the performance, you get the impression that he could easily turn towards the camera and give a knowing wink, not to say he’s in on any kind of joke, but just to imply that he “gets it”.

You can preview and purchase Fantastic Negrito’s self-titled EP right here. When you’re done with that, you might want to check out his recent performance on NPR.

RIYL: good music, tent revival preachers, The Roots, Benjamin Booker, sneering

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