Tamper – Brooklyn, Almost

Tamper is an Australian / Irish duo now based out of — you guessed it — Brooklyn. They’ve been described as “downtempo indietronica”, which is a mess of syllables, but surprisingly accurate.

It’s not the usual sort of stuff for this place, but there’s enough instrumentation via the guitars and keyboards to make their music feel organic and avoid the computer-based sound that makes so much “electronic” music feel like it belongs in a bad videogame.

You can preview and purchase Tamper’s recently-released debut EP directly from them via their Bandcamp page located here.

And now, perhaps the most nerdy way to describe a band… Band Math!
(Neutral Milk Hotel + weird Beck) x (clinical depressants + clouds) = Tamper

RIYL: Radiohead, Soul Coughing, good music, tactfully-placed synthesizers

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