The Collection – The Gown of Green

There’s not too many bands that could be aptly described as “orchestral indie folk rock”. Actually, only one comes to mind: Typhoon. And they set the bar for orchestral folk impossibly high. Nonetheless, that label deserves to be attached to The Collection, a 7+ member band from North Carolina.

The songs are multi-layered, both instrumentally and vocally. There are strings, horns, guitars, auxiliary percussion, and all other manner of things that make music unique.

The singer’s delivery occasionally warbles a little like Conor Oberst, but sometimes comes through as a full-throated, half-angry howl like Kyle Morton.

Both of those comparisons are intended entirely as compliments.

The Collection self-released their full-length debut via bandcamp. You can (and really, really should) preview and purchase it here.

It’s outstanding, front to back. If you buy this album and don’t like it, The Monday Morning Tape will send you a personal check for $10 along with a note bemoaning your questionable taste in music*.

(*Not really — the check, that is.)

RIYL: Typhoon, good music, The Hazards of Love by the Decemberists, stage musicals and whatnot

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