Tyler Childers & the Food Stamps – Messed Up Kid

Tyler Childers is a country folk singer-songwriter originally from Paintsville, a tiny town of about 3,400 that sits quietly along Paint Creek in Kentucky.

Now based in Lexington, Childers has self-released a handful of live albums via Bandcamp. He has a well-worn, comfortable singing style that’s reminiscent of folk traditionalists like Woody Guthrie, Todd Snider, and John Prine.

There are many reasons to like this song in particular, including but not limited to: its references to a cheetah-print body suit and The Italian Job, and the straight-forward earnestness of lyrics like, “This shit is for soccer moms dying to be young again.”

Preview and purchase more stuff directly from Tyler Childers right here or stream a few more songs below.

EDIT: And here’s one more good one. Ok, done now. This guy really needs to release a full-length record.

RIYL: Todd Snider, Sturgill Simpson, good music, bourbon

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