MMT turns 1

Today is the one-year anniversary of this little music website.

It’s been a lot fun so far. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has ever ventured here. Most readers are from America, but quite a few are from the U.K. and Canada, some from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain . . . and there’s one person in Ecuador and another in Thailand who check in regularly. Thanks to you two especially.

For no reason at all, I picture them being a guy and a girl, and I imagine them somehow meeting and falling in love over their mutual adoration of Cloud Cult and Typhoon. Stranger things have happened. So cheers to you, Mr. and Mrs. Ecuador. (Because Equador is the guy, apparently.)

Thanks for reading, recommending, and listening. Please check out the sidebar section titled “These Folks Know Good Music” for a bunch of other music sites worth perusing.

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